Socastee residents evacuate Saturday as Intracoastal water rises

Socastee residents evacuate Saturday as Intracoastal water rises

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - More Socastee residents had to evacuate their homes Saturday as the Intracoastal Waterway continued to flood.

Residents in the area say these flood waters are higher and farther out than any they have seen in the 30 years they have lived in the area.

"These flood waters are unprecedented, as far as in recent memory," said Randy Webster, an Horry County official.

Webster said Horry County was watching three separate waterways this weekend: the Waccamaw, the Little Pee Dee, and the Intracoastal.

In addition to Socastee, residents in Bucksport, who are caught between the Waccamaw and Pee Dee, are seeing particularly bad flooding, according to Webster.

"Was I prepared? No. Absolutely not prepared enough. Not prepared," said Phil Serengos, a resident in Socastee. "Um, prepared in the last couple days, because we've been getting all the great news stuff. And the levels of the water, but you just have to watch it come up."

Serengos said his house is under several inches of water today. Even in the record level flooding last year, the flood waters never entered his home.

"I have no value in my house at this moment," he said. "So, getting to rebuild is going to be really important to this neighborhood."

Water levels are forecast to continue to rise for the Intracoastal into early next week.

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