Cherry Grove Fire causes estimated $6.9 million in damage

Cherry Grove Fire causes estimated $6.9 million in damage

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Officials now estimate nearly $7 million in damages resulted from the fire that started in Cherry Grove last Saturday during Hurricane Matthew.

Sue Handy is a permanent resident in the building next door to the rubble, which likely would have caught fire as well if not for firefighters. Handy says she's glad she took the Governor Nikki Haley's advice and got out when she did.

"I think one of the points about evacuation is that people say, 'Oh I don't have to, I can ride it out.' But when I left here, I never anticipated a fire," said Sue Handy.

Handy watched live on social media as the fire spread across six structures and barely missed her home.

"It was across the street so I thought that's where it is. And then we literally watched it jump across the street and then you could just see that the wind was all heading in this direction," Handy said.

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