Boat landings flood after Hurricane Matthew

Boat landings flood after Hurricane Matthew

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The boat landing at the end of Bay Road, and all of the people who live near it are being overcome by water that they said doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon enough.

"It's devastating, but down here it just seems the water issues are atrocious. People can't get away from the water," said Bert Colucci.

"It's been hard on everybody in this area," added Robert Cathey.

Both men live near the Waccamaw River and many residents there are tossing up a white flag and surrendering to the rising water that has the Bay Road Boat Landing looking more like a lake.

Colucci, who often uses the landing, tried to explain what it should look like.

"The end of that last pier is where the water recedes down to the point where you put your boat in the water, that you can launch your boat properly. Actually this is worse than last October, when we had the floods and the rain last October," Colucci explained.

Cathey compared the damage to that of Hugo and even Hazel.

"It speaks volumes but it's going to raise another foot. Some of the docks at the marinas, the main docks are going to stay underwater and the boats that are tied to it, are going to lift up. Some of the trailers at the marina were lifted up and put in trees just by themselves," Cathey said.

Many came down to the boat landing Friday afternoon only to turn around.

"Nobody wants to take that danger. In other words, into reality, because there is danger there. People, you know, why take a chance? You don't know if there's something under here. There could be a log that's submerged," Colucci said.

As they continue to wait for the water to go down, this community is keeping their spirits up.

"Nine out of 10 of these people don't have insurance. So how do you come back? How to you live again and get back to normal? You know, with the help of everybody else, the community, people that are out here helping one another. That's the only way to do it," Colucci explained.

"This is Horry County, this is South Carolina. We have spirit, we are going to step up, and we are going to stand tall. And we will walk right through this like we always have. Every disaster, we've come back stronger, a little bit smarter and I believe the people of Horry County will do that," Cathey said.

Those who live around the landing continue to check on each other and continue to check on the landing.

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