More than 160 residents still relying on shelters after Matthew: how you can help

More than 160 residents still relying on shelters after Matthew: how you can help

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - After Matthew, many local residents needed help and many will continue to need help in the future. WMBF News always looks for ways to help with the local community, and the community plays a big role in that.

We ask viewers to share pictures, videos and accounts of what is happening in individual communities. There's no time more important to do that, than when disaster strikes. Things that viewers share help mold the way the story is told.

In the case of Hurricane Matthew, viewers sent in preparation pictures, videos and snaps of the storm and its aftermath. Those help the WMBF News team know where to chase stories.

Viewers helped us learn the Surfside Pier and Springmaid Pier were damaged, and of the fire in Cherry Grove.

WMBF News is asking viewers to continue to help. In the region, the storm isn't over for many people. Just take a visit to Red Cross in Myrtle Beach. Volunteers from across the country, as far away as California, were still at OpCON 1 Thursday, working to gather supplies and necessities
for victims of Hurricane Matthew, many of whom continue to suffer from flooding, displacement and power outages.

"Last night over 360 local residents spent the night in a shelter because they didn't know if they had a home to go home to," explained Red Cross representative Nanci Conley. "They all suffered from this flood, they don't know how long it's going to be. For many of us it's hard to imagine because the sun is shining and the beach is there." The need is for more than just monetary donations.

"We need more local people to become trained Red Cross volunteers," Conley said. "What you see are people that are taking care of making sure that mass feeding is taken care of. These are all the leaders - making sure our vehicles are out there, that we have the proper staffing, that we are watching over the shelters." Conley said there is a huge need for monetary donations, and WMBF News teamed up with the American Red Cross to make it easy.

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