Two communities in Marion County are being told to evacuate

Two communities in Marion County are being told to evacuate

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Residents of Marion County are being urged to evacuate now.

Hurricane Matthew is gone, but the damage is extensive, especially in the Gresham and Britton's Neck areas of Marion County.

Downed trees and parts of homes are among the debris, but it is the rising rivers now spilling out onto the roads and even up to front doors that have led to telling residents to leave.

Britton's Neck resident Lorenzo Taylor said he is "praying for the best, anticipating the worst."

The worst still may come. People in Marion County never thought the water would rise so high they'd be told to leave their homes.

"I have my family to think about, so when the teams come I'm out of here," Taylor said.

Taylor's house has no water in sight, but two houses down, water is at the front door of his neighbor's home. His mom lives down the same street, but got those neighbors out just in time.

"We're glad we got them out because, if we hadn't, they would've been trapped in there right now," Taylor said.

Others are taking the risk by salvaging their belongings by boat since streets have been made unfamiliar by fallen trees and flood waters.

"It goes to show you Mother Nature is in control," Taylor said.

Thanks have been given for surviving, but now the focus is on the evacuation process and how long will it take to recover.

"It's so surreal that it's happening to us," Britton's Neck resident Derrick David said.

The Marion County Emergency Management team is urging all residents to get out now because conditions will worsen, which means officials will not be able to reach those who decide to stay.

Marion High School is the only place in Marion County that is offering shelter for the people who are being urged to leave their homes.

The shelter is running 24 hours and has cots, blankets, pillows and toiletries for those who wish to come. It is staffed with American Red Cross volunteers who were also affected by the storm.

The American Red Cross volunteers say they will be assisting people until they can return to their homes.

Volunteers say anyone is welcome to come.

Those who do plan to evacuate to the shelter cannot being pets.

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