As Waccamaw River rises, people remember previous flooding events

As Waccamaw River rises, people remember previous flooding events

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - As the Waccamaw River continues to rise, people on the outskirts of Conway remember well what seemed like yesterday.

"No, I didn't really think it was going to get this bad. I mean this is my fourth time going through this," Waccamaw Dr. resident Nicolette Carroll said.  "I want to move, I want to get away," she continued.

Carroll said she's done with dealing with flooding.  She has had to be transported by boat to get home during the October 2015 floods, last February and now.

People along the Waccamaw River aren't the only ones suffering.  About 1,500 people have been evacuated from Lumberton as the Lumber River rises.  The Little Pee Dee River is also causing havoc.

Flood water, even if shallow, is cold and moving fast.  People living close to the Waccamaw River are becoming too familiar with using boats.  As she sat near Horry County police waiting for boat transport, Carroll told WMBF News this is the third time she and her neighbors have had to get home by boat in the last year.

"It completely ruined my home last year and I'm about a foot away from it getting in to my house this year...and every day I've just been hoping it doesn't get high enough to get in there because I went through so much stress and aggravation last year to get everything out in time because it came up so quick," Carroll said.

Rising water is a serious danger.  First responders are having problems with people moving road barricades and not putting them back, which leaves others unaware of the dangers ahead.  Road barricades block dangerous roads and areas with flash flooding.

Police and fire rescue are also reminding people not to leisurely cruise the waterways.  Doing so causes more damage to flooded homes.

At this time, people living in areas known to flood are encouraged to know alternate ways home and not drive in the dark, or in flooded roadways.

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