Florence leaders discuss Hurricane Matthew's impacts

Florence leaders discuss Hurricane Matthew's impacts

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – On Sunday, Florence City leaders held a press conference addressing the impacts of Hurricane Matthew on the city.

Duke Energy officials said we can expect power outages for the next several days. On Sunday night, some people had an estimate from the company's website of one week without power. The company said crews are out and about working to restore power, even if you don't see them.

Florence City leaders said that the water system had been battered by the storm. There are six major water breaches which are causing some places to have no water and others to have low water pressure. Those breeches are causing the City of Florence to lose eight million gallons of water per day. The water issue is expected to be repaired within the next couple of days.

The city said if your water completely stops and then comes back on, you need to boil before consumption.

"If we are able to find enough of those broken water lines and that system is able to build up then we will immediately dispatch crews to make those repairs. But, I would say if we had to valve off a section of that water line, that it could be 24 to 36 hours that it could be out," said Florence City Manager Drew Griffin.

While power and water issues are being worked on, city leaders said traffic is becoming problematic.

The City of Florence is urging you to stay off the roads.

"There really is no justification to be around town driving. We realize people have been cooped up and wanting to see what's been going on in the community, but we need to press upon you that we are still in a dangerous situation with downed trees and power lines," said Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela.

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