Businesses along evacuation zone closing shop before Hurricane Matthew

Businesses along evacuation zone closing shop before Hurricane Matthew

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Grand Strand homeowners aren't the only ones evacuating before Hurricane Matthew arrives.

Businesses are closing up shop throughout Zone A as well. Gas stations, banks and pharmacies are all closing their doors until the storm passes.

"We're going to go to Wilmington for a little bit and see how it goes," said Orr Maman, who operates a hair salon with his family.

Maman said after getting plenty of notice about Hurricane Matthew, they decided not to take any chances.

"Being so close to the beach, we just really want to play it safe and protect our business," he said.

Businesses all along the Grand Strand are closing down until Matthew passes, along with essential services like pharmacies, medical clinics and gas stations. Some have called the preparation efforts overly cautious, but Maman doesn't see it that way.

"Yeah, I for sure say it's a safety precaution, and I mean we're hoping it swings the other way completely," he said. "But hey, if it does come at least we're prepared."

Maman added he was proud of his community for coming together to protect themselves and their businesses, and was just happy everyone had time to prepare.

"We don't want anything to happen obviously, but it kind of feels good knowing that our neighbors here were kind of getting ready along with us," he said. "You really feel the sense of the community, everybody kind of getting ready together and hoping for the best."

For a full list of closures across the area and which places are still open, click here.

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