Locals upset over pharmacy closures ahead of Hurricane Matthew

Locals upset over pharmacy closures ahead of Hurricane Matthew

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Walgreens stores across Horry County have closed up shop days before Hurricane Matthew's arrival.

Some have voiced concerns about not being able to get prescriptions filled after the stores closed apparently without warning.

"I came up to get water. The hurricane's coming, you might know. I'm kind of worried about it. I want to be sure we've got enough water." said Louie, a local.

Louie lives right on the beach in Zone A, which by Thursday could become an evacuation zone if Matthew worsens. He said he was shocked when he saw Walgreens closed their locations before some had a chance to get essential items.

"I'm baffled. I think it's kind of stupid and not very thoughtful," he said. "Well people want their medicines. Luckily I picked mine up yesterday."

Others weren't so lucky. Some people who came by the store said they were planning on getting their prescriptions today and weren't told the store would be closing.

Phil Caruso, media relations for Walgreens, said those needing to fill prescriptions should get to a safe location first before going to a pharmacy. WMBF News asked how many locations were closed and where, but did not get a response.

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