Hardware stores keep shelves full to help homeowners prepare for Matthew

Hardware stores keep shelves full to help homeowners prepare for Matthew

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Area hardware stores have been working to keep extra shipments coming in so homeowners can make sure their homes are ready for Hurricane Matthew.

As soon as the possibility of an evacuation was announced, people have been pouring into hardware stores getting ready to take on the worst, no matter how the storm turns out.

"We're boarding some units up, making sure all the windows and doors are locked, pulling in the patio furniture and kind of just battening down the hatches," said Greg Meyer.

He was just one of many making sure they had everything they needed at Lowe's Home Improvement Wednesday afternoon because if residents don't take the necessary precautions, assistant store manager James Cannon said they may regret it.

"You know, that strong wind, that small lightweight object under normal circumstances can turn into a projectile and knock your window out, no problem," he said. "So you might want to cover the basics, especially with your windows."

This include patio furniture, plants, statues and any other lawn decorations. Plywood was flying off the shelves Wednesday, with many getting different kinds and measurements depending on their homes and units.

Just a year ago, locals were hit with something all too similar - the historic October flooding. It was a storm that brought many lessons learned.

"If you're in an area that's susceptible to flood damage, you want to make sure you get everything up as high as you can," Cannon said. So that way if you do have any water come into your home, it's not going to be a damaging storm."

Cannon added that means valuables, electronics and even furniture. He also suggests if a roof is known to leak, be sure to pick up some tarps as well.

Meyer, hoping his one trip to Lowe's will be his last throughout Hurricane Matthew, didn't leave anything up to chance. He purchased sandbags, plywood, furring straps and plastic.

Lowe's and other local stores are continuing to get shipments to meet residents' needs before Hurricane Matthew.

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