Horry County prepares for Hurricane Matthew

Horry County prepares for Hurricane Matthew

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – There is the possibility that people who live along the coast in Horry and Georgetown Counties will be told to evacuate Thursday.

Whether planning to stay or go, people along the Grand Strand are getting ready for Hurricane Matthew now.

From grocery stores to gas stations and even hardware stores, people are in a mad rush to get the things they need.

Locals have not seen an evacuation since Hurricane Charlie back in 2004 and whether people choose to ride the storm out at home or head inland, folks say they aren't taking any chances.

"I'm not planning on evacuating," said Horry County resident Christina Davis. "I have to work. I have to stay here for my job, but I'm prepared. I have food and a big water supply so if anything happens I will be ready."

Grocery stores are more packed than usual and all but some essential items are in short supply.

Gas station lines have been long. Some say they waited over 30 minutes to fuel up.

"I'm loading up both my cars with gasoline," said resident Richard Owen. "(I) stopped at Kroger yesterday (and) got everything I needed. We're 44 feet above sea level, so we're going to hopefully ride it out."

But not everyone is staying.

One family who lives in Zone A - the area east of Kings Highway and east of U.S. 17 - spent their Wednesday morning boarding up their homes, picking up loose items, and putting pool and deck furniture inside their pool.

"We would like to have been out of here last night (Tuesday) but we have three houses that need to be boarded up so we're still trying to get everything nailed down," said resident Molly Richy. "We're evacuating to Ohio, so we have an 11-hour drive on a good day, so tonight I got a feeling it's going to be a long night."

Whether locals plan to stay or go, it is likely the effects of Hurricane Matthew will be felt. People were already feeling effects already, days ahead of the storm.

"It took me an hour to go two blocks because of the back up on 17," Owen said.

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