Vice presidential candidates face off in debate

Vice presidential candidates face off in debate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – On Tuesday night, the vice presidential candidates took center stage during a televised debate.

WMBF News' political expert calls both men, Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence, very seasoned politicians.

"These are two very traditional candidates, they are both men who have served as governors of their state and served in the senate," said Holly Tankersley.

With that being said, both candidates have something to prove on stage.

"In many ways I think Tim Kaine has the easier job," she added.

Tankersley believes Kaine will be able to focus on his story while also hitting on some of Hillary Clinton's policy plans and indicating they aren't much different than what other well-liked candidates, such as Bernie Sanders, would get behind.

"He's going to be looking to shore up those voters who would typically or should typically be voting Democratic," Tankersley said. "But for one reason or another have not fully committed to Hillary Clinton yet."

She also felt Pence may have to take on more on stage Tuesday.

"Mike Pence has got a tougher road, because he, in some ways, is going to have to make up for his candidate's deficits. Not that Tim Kaine isn't, but in Mike Pence's case, he is the traditional politician on the ticket," she said.

While Tankersley believes Pence is well positioned to go to bat for Donald Trump, she said he is going to have to make a few points clear when he's speaking of him.

"That Mr. Trump is solid and that his temperament is OK to be president," she explained.

Pence was also expected to have to be ready to defend some of Trump's moments from the first presidential debate, including the back-and-forth on his tax returns.

"So Mr. Trump's taxes have been leaked. He still hasn't released them. But you've released your tax returns, so what gives? And how he handles a potential question like that would be very interesting," Tankersley said.

Tankersley said both Pence and Kaine are very familiar with a debate stage and expects both of them to not only introduce themselves as vice president, and the clear choice in that sense.

"They are individuals who could become president if the worst were to happen," she said. "So yeah, they need to be able to say, 'Yeah, this is why I was chosen. It wasn't just to balance the ticket regionally or do satisfy a particular wing of the party but I am a serious person in my own right and can handle this job if it were fall upon me to do something.'"

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