Cameron Village neighbors concerned about drainage in their community

Cameron Village neighbors concerned about drainage in their community

HORRY COUNTY, (WMBF) - People in one local neighborhood want to know why their community won't stop flooding even after the problem was supposedly fixed.

Cameron Village is located off Highway 707 and the people who live there say it's been a stressful ongoing situation.

They've taken this issue to their builder, now they're looking for resolutions from the county.

Neighbors say when it rains in the neighborhood it typically floods.

The county thought the problem was the beaver dam, but when tropical storm Hermine hit back in September community members learned the problem was still there.

So neighbors took the issue back to the county last week. The county again, said  the beaver dam is creating a blockage – but residents disagree.

They believe it's the design, current drainage, irrigation and elevation of the land that's not allowing water to leave quick enough.

Residents also believe another issue is water from 707 draining into the community.

So in response to those concerns, the head of Horry County's Stormwater Department told the Infrastructure and Regulation Committee this time around the focus is on two major things: making all of the ponds adjustable and creating an overflow to take care of excess water when water levels rise.

Cindy Warner lives in Cameron Village and says if there is another storm she just wants resolutions already in place.

"We all understand the area in which we live in that were going to have some issues with rainfall, that's not the case after a day or a couple of hours when the rest of the community is out and about, we still have water in our community," Cindy Warner said.

The county is planning to move forward with its goals and have an update on the progress at the next Infrastructure and Regulation Committee on October 25th. The ending goal is to have plans in place before next summer.

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