Joseph Hill sworn in as new Horry County police chief

Joseph Hill sworn in as new Horry County police chief

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County's new chief of police was officially sworn in Friday. Chief Joseph Hill has only been in Horry County for two weeks, but says he already has a solid plan for how he wants to improve the lives of its citizens.

The Council chambers were packed with every high-ranking officer and official in the area as Joesph Hill took his oath to become the new head of the Horry County Police Department. Hill says he feels right at home here, and plans to lead the department in a new direction.

County leaders spoke volumes about their new chief, believing they found just the right man to turn things around.

"Last week I visited Racepath, Reverend Goss was my partner throughout the community and the intent was just to meet with him but as we drove around, folks came out and saw and greeted us. So I got out of the car, got out and shook some hands, introduced myself, and really got to know some of the people there. I'm looking forward to doing that all over Horry County," Hill said.

After being sworn in, Chief Hill addressed his officers, going over his personal ethics, and how he plans to extend those principles throughout the department. And the plans were specific.

"Right now the heroin epidemic is probably the most daunting police task ahead of us. How do we stop an epidemic, and break the cycle of addiction?" he asked.

Hill said he plans to hold regular meetings with community leaders, to listen to the and go over their needs. After taking his oath, Hill asked every officer to recite their oath of honor as well, to remind each of them why they're here.

"This job is tough. Law enforcement in the United States right now is probably the toughest it's ever been. These officers need encouragement, they need support, and they need direction. And that right there is a direction document so that they never forget who they are and what they're about," Hill said.

Hill says he wants to gain trust back between the community and police officers, and reporter Josh Roberson says personally, from his few times speaking with him, it feels like a fresh start for Horry County.

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