Major improvements coming to an end in the City of Darlington

Major improvements coming to an end in the City of Darlington

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) -The end of a half-million-dollar facelift in the Pee Dee is wrapping up and it's leaving behind some pretty big improvements.

That grant money from the department of commerce went to work improving the city.

The grant was awarded back in 2014, but this story began in 2009 when the city applied for the Community Development Block Grant.

It was back then that the city and its residents filled out questionnaires so the state could determine if there truly was a need.

Leaders said getting $500,000 to spruce up the community took a lot of effort from a lot of different arms within the community.

The surveys "mostly show that it's a low-to-moderate income area," Darlington City Manager Howard Garland said. "You have to do income surveys going door to door. We had a great amount of participation from our water and sewer people going door to door - the residents had to fill out surveys."

Eight people who underwent an application process got $10,000 to fix external issues on their homes.

The Community Development Block Grant, which the city of Darlington picked up $500,000 from, is where that $80,000 came from to make improvements.

Community leaders said a lot of those homes that got the updates got new roofs.

That grant money allowed for those who work for the fire and police stations to get more training.

"We want to do more, but we can only do what we can with the money we have on hand locally. We have to apply for grants. Without the CBDG program these improvements would not have been available. We need to do so much more, and this is just a start. And we want to make improvements in our water sewer system and our storm water system, and other parts of Darlington, and not just out low-to-moderate-income areas," Garland said.

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