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No Matthew just yet, any US threat very uncertain

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)  A large area of showers and storms continues to get better organized in the central Atlantic, but is not a tropical storm just yet. 

Hurricane hunter aircraft investigating the system on Tuesday afternoon did find winds to near tropical storm force, but were unable to find a closed circulation.  For that reason, the National Hurricane Center has held off on classifying the system as a
tropical depression or tropical storm.   However, conditions remain favorable and we could see the system upgraded at any point through Wednesday. 

Forecast models continue to show a westward track into the Caribbean Sea through the end of the week as an intensifying system.  By early next week, the forecast is much more uncertain.  The latest round of forecast models are unanimous in showing an abrupt
turn to the north, but are unsure exactly where that turn takes place.  

The time and location of the northward turn will determine what if any impacts this system may have on the U.S.  An early turn to the north would likely result in a storm passing well off shore and out to sea.  A later turn to the north could cause the system
to enter the Gulf of Mexico or threaten Florida or even the southeastern US coast. At this point, all options are possible.  

A clearer picture of what may happen with the future-Matthew will likely develop once the system gets better organized. 


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