WMBF News previews new go-kart track coming to Restaurant Row

WMBF News previews new go-kart track coming to Restaurant Row

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - At long last, a new attraction is finally ready to open its doors on Restaurant Row. It's called The Track, and reporter Mandy Noell got a first look, or a first ride rather, to show you what you can expect.

"I've heard it's the first outdoor, three-story go-cart track in South Carolina," says Travis Kearney, the General Manager of The Track.

It's a towering sight you can't miss, and Mandy was among the first five people to test-drive the new attraction. After what seems like years in the making, The Track is finally getting the green light.

Winding, sloping and dropping - the three-story project was met with controversy at its inception. Neighbors were concerned about noise, so, "we went electric," Kearney explains. "Which we're okay with, it's green. It's environmentally-friendly. So everything here will be electric."

"Most of the people I've talked to are happy and excited for us to open," Kearney adds.

This is especially true for nearby businesses in the area, including one that doesn't see the huge crowds it used to.

Kearney says he hopes "that people are attracted to this, and by them coming here, we hope it helps Restaurant Row as well."

But, when can you get behind the wheel yourself? There is an upcoming event that will let you at least check out the new attraction.

"We're having an event this Friday," Kearney says. "A sneak preview event from 5 to 9, for the arcade only. And we're offering 50 percent off for the go-carts. So you can purchase your rides in advance."

Soon after that, the checkered flag will go down on The Track.

"I think we'll see an opening October 7," Kearney says. "We're shooting for mid-October though; we'll see how inspections go."

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