'He came like an angel' - driver praises deputy's heroic rescue after car crash

'He came like an angel' - driver praises deputy's heroic rescue after car crash

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The driver of an 18-wheeler involved in a fiery accident on I-95 in Florence County this week described the deputy that came to their aid as "an angel," in voice messages left for the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

Mohammed Syed, the driver of the 18-wheeler, praised the heroic efforts of the deputies that came to the rescue.

Syed said Deputy Tyler Urquhart ran across interstate traffic with no regard for his own safety to rescue a woman trapped in a car in flames.

"God bless him, god bless his family, god bless everyone," Syed said. "He's a great, great guy. I have never seen a heroic person like him before in my life. He has saved the life of that woman last night. It looked like a dream to me, it looked like a movie to me, but never in action."

In the voicemail, Syed said he was trying to rescue the woman himself but was unable to.

"He jumped out from the southbound coming into traffic from northbound, cars are coming 60, 70 miles an hour and he's screaming from the other side, 'Get away, get away, the car is on the fire.' I realized it was on fire and I was trying to get the woman out but her doors were locked."

Urquhart had to climb into the burning vehicle to rescue the woman, according to Syed.

"Deputy Tyler, he came in, and he did not care a damn about himself," Syed said.  "He just got that woman out of a burning vehicle. I think she owed Deputy Tyler her life. He just came like an angel."

Sheriff Kenney Boone with the Florence County Sheriff's Office said the "quick response and selfless determination" led to the woman being saved.

This is all part of the job deputies are in, but to get acknowledgment from the driver is almost unheard of, according to Boone.

"When the truck driver called and left us several messages, I literally got chill bones in knowing one of our officers put his life in danger," he said.

Boone stated this is an example of when training is so vital. He said Urkjart transferred to the sheriff's office two years ago from Florence County EMS.

"Training is very important and we take that very seriously here," Boone said. "You never know what your next critical incident will be."

Boone noticed as he listen to Syed on the voicemail the lack of belief in law enforcement.

"He never really had, I guess, trust and faith in law enforcement officers, but after this incident he does now," Boone said.

Syed said he is from Pakistan and these type of actions are not ones his country's police officers would do.

"I will tell the world that I have a seen a man in the name of terror and he went into a burning car to save a woman he doesn't even know," he said at the end of the voicemail.

The sheriff's office said the woman who was rescued was treated in a hospital for serious conditions. South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

Listen to the full audio of Syed's message in the video player above.

See raw video of the crash scene here:

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