Some Five Points business owners concerned about revitalization progress, others oppose

Some Five Points business owners concerned about revitalization progress, others oppose

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some business owners in downtown Myrtle Beach are concerned about the revitalization progress in the area.

Some owners say they're worried and others feel the opposite.

Business owners along Main Street say they've been waiting for the parking project to get started, but haven't seen any progress.

They're even considering relocating because of it, saying that is what's going to drive more people through their doors.

There have also been complaints about the trees blocking the names of buildings.

But other businesses like Encore Video Production think those businesses are being impatient.

The owner feels the city of Myrtle Beach has so far done a good job at trying to revitalize the area, like hosting small events and making sure the area stays clean.

Encore Production says if it's fun to go to and well developed people won't care about the parking or the trees.

This business says the difference doesn't and will never start with the city, but the business owners themselves by making their businesses more attractive or doing repairs to make new businesses want to move in.

Rik Dickinson, Encore Video Productions President: "Some of the new businesses that moved in expected more quicker and are a little disappointed because it's slow growth, and it is because it is privately own, the properties are not city owned, they can only develop as fast as the owners want them too," Encore Video Productions President Rik Dickinson said.

The only thing Encore Video Productions feels will make a difference is having more events across the street at the old pavilion site because that's what's going to attract more foot traffic.

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