Conway trying to acquire piece of rail line to improve Riverwalk

Conway trying to acquire piece of rail line to improve Riverwalk

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Conway officials are trying to get their hands on a piece of railroad they believe could help turn the Riverwalk into a must-see destination.

"Conway is a gem. We have awesome stores, we have awesome restaurants, and I think Myrtle Beach numbers were about 18 million this summer. Just think if we could just get one percent that really wanted to come to Conway and experience Conway," said Councilman Tom Anderson.

Anderson believes big things are coming to Conway's downtown Riverwalk, although it's not clear when those things will happen. At a meeting on Monday, council members talked about acquiring a piece of railroad from RJ Corman, who currently owns all the rail lines in Horry County. After recently getting a big piece of land from the Burroughs company, the door is now open to revitalize the area.

"One of the ideas is that by leaving that track there, we could have maybe a stop for a dinner train or a dinner tour train, or a lot of people are familiar with Thomas the Train. You can get 50,000 to 100,000 people to come to town just to see Thomas the Train," Anderson said.

The council is looking at bringing in several new attractions, including shops, restaurants and even a hotel.

Retired and visiting from Maryland, Karen and James Gyloai have been coming to the beach for a very long time, but had never been to Conway. I asked them how they like it so far, and what they thought about the city's master plan.

"For me, this is an easy thing to do. You can walk. You're supposed to walk every day. And you can walk here very easily. And you feel safe. Conway, I'm expecting to be a very safe town. That's one reason why we're here. And it's a little later. It's a beautiful time to come in the afternoon. But I think you need a couple of spots where you can stop and have a coke or an adult beverage, if you want. But it has to be a blend, that's one of the things you have to watch for," said Karen Gyloai.

Karen and James said they won't know what to expect the next time they come through Conway, but they hope whatever it is, it has something for everyone to enjoy.

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