Officer teaches runners how to stay safe from an attacker

Officer teaches runners how to stay safe from an attacker

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – On Wednesday, a public safety officer taught runners how to stay safe on the run against an attacker.

The Black Dog Running Company hosted dozens of women to discuss the importance of being alert and aware while running. Some even exchanging real life stories, of the real life possibilities.

"Some guy tried to grab her off the trail. She was able to flag down a motorist and somebody else picked her up. It's there everywhere, where you think it's safe, and there's other people out there, it's not necessarily always the case. Sometimes they don't care if there is other people around. You got to take care of yourself," explained runner Linda Crouch.

"Once you hear something like that, that makes you think a little bit more - my safe place, maybe isn't that safe. I need to be more aware," said Dawn White, a sales associate of the Black Dog Running Company.

While many of these women have been running for years and know to bring a flash light depending on the time of day or wear just one ear bud to make sure they can still hear, they admit they wouldn't know what to do if someone came at them, "…because you're normal. You know, your normal reaction to something, isn't your normal reaction to get out of it," Crouch admitted.

That's why Mikie Pylilo, a public safety officer with Coastal Carolina University, showed them how to stay safe.

"It's sad when we as women, can't just go run... and feel safe," she said.

"It's really being able to control yourself, but if you feel like you've got some knowledge - some knowledge gives you that boost of confidence you need to keep yourself safe," Pylilo said.

"I'll pay much more attention to what's going on, to what I can do if something or somebody were to approach," Crouch said.

Another tip that came out of the night was to always tell people when you're going out for a run, and where you are going. Also, tell someone when you will be back, so if you don't come back, they know something may be wrong and to call police.

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