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MB launching motorized public safety campaign

Public safety campaign (Source: Mandy Noell) Public safety campaign (Source: Mandy Noell)
Public safety campaign (Source: Mandy Noell) Public safety campaign (Source: Mandy Noell)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Jaywalking, speeding over crosswalks, and bicycling in the dark without reflectors make an unsafe environment for everyone on the road.

The City of Myrtle Beach is pushing a public safety campaign to keep everyone thinking about it.

"People who are crossing the street in an unsafe manner- jay-walking, crossing in mid-block, whatever,” explained City of Myrtle Beach Senior Planner Diane Moskow-McKenzie. “We just need to bring awareness to the motorists, the pedestrians and the bicyclists that we need to share the road. And we need to be careful about how we share the road safely."

This is not the typical public safety campaign, however. The city isn’t using flyers, an online video or an app because drivers, walkers, and bicyclists have one thing in common: they’re moving. The campaign will be moving, too, all around the city on city vehicles.

Within the next month or so, magnets will be placed on the backs of city vehicles as part of the campaign.

Messages like “Three feet please [between a cyclist and a car]”, and “stop for pedestrians in crosswalks,” are what to expect.

Myrtle Beach City Council asked the committee to come up with a safety education campaign, because unsafe driving, walking and cycling has become a problem, particularly on Kings Highway and Ocean Boulevard.

"We have over 400 city vehicles, and so if we can get signs on most of our vehicles, we can raise more awareness. This won't be a permanent sign on the street that people just get used to seeing. But when you come up to a city vehicle at a traffic light, this is going to make you more aware of what's going on."

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