MB Police arrest man wanted in 2012 armed robbery case

MB Police arrest man wanted in 2012 armed robbery case

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  One man is now caught and facing armed robbery charges after allegedly robbing a woman at knife point in 2012.

Original reports from Myrtle Beach Police say officers were dispatched to an armed robbery incident November 11, 2012.  The victim was with her Diamond Cab Taxi and told police she received a call earlier that night from the suspect, who's identified as 31-year-old Patrick Nunn. He allegedly asked the victim questions about the taxi company, then asked for her phone number so he can call her when he needed a ride later.

Reports say Nunn sent her a picture of himself and asked her for one in exchange because he likes older women.

The suspect called the victim a few more times throughout the night and asked for a ride from the Bay View Hotel. The victim picked up the suspect who said he needed to go to 7th Avenue North to make change. Upon arriving at the location, the suspect made a phone call and asked why the door was locked.

The victim left the cab and walked around to the rear with the suspect following. The suspect was not able to enter the building and they both walked back to the cab.

Police reports say the suspect made another call, then got in the front passenger seat of the cab; there he was holding an unopened pocked knife and asked the victim for money, which she gave him $80.00 in cash. The suspect left and headed west on 7th Ave N. and the victim followed him until he turned between Crepe Myrtle and Grandma's Kitchen where police were called.

Nunn was arrested by Myrtle Beach Police on September 21, 2016.  He faces armed robbery charges and no bond is set at this time.

WMBF checked police records and no photo was available of the suspect. We will continue to bring updates as they become available.

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