Seven weeks out from election, candidates prepare for debate

Seven weeks out from election, candidates prepare for debate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – With seven weeks standing between the presidential candidates and the presidency, experts break down the race to the White House.

On the anniversary of the very first televised debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be taking the debate stage for the first time together.

WMBF News' political expert, Holley Tankersley, said there are several different things to be aware of before heading into a debate.

"Yeah, so debates really are tricky because you have to be good at following a script and knowing policy information. Because a lot of these questions that will be asked by a moderator and in future debates - perhaps by the audience members - are policy based questions," Tankersley said. "So you
have to know some facts and that means you have to memorize that information, or just know that information and have practiced answers that deliver that information in a very clear and concise way."

Tankersley went on to say Trump may want to think about the way he will challenge Clinton on stage.

"I think Mr. Trump also, in this particular example, really needs to be careful on the debate stage with a woman candidate," she said. "And I hate to bring up that issue but when you have a woman candidate in a race - whether it's through advertising debates, or whatever - sometimes over-aggression can have some repercussions on how gender is perceived and how appropriate behavior is perceived in these political events."

However, it's not that a female candidate could not handle aggression, Tankersley said. It is because Trump still needs more female support to win this election.

It's about appealing to women voters and appearing to be reasonable and not debating on the basis of personal characteristics but debating on the basis of policy," she said.

For viewers tuning in for the debate, Tankersley said what they should look for is talk about policy.

"At the end of the day that is what this is about," she said. "Governing is about policies that have an effect on individual's lives on a daily basis. And so I think voters really need to think about what issues are important to me, and what are these candidates saying they are going to do about them."

The debate will air on at 9 p.m., on Sept. 26 on WMBF.

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