Gas crisis affects Horry County

Gas crisis affects Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Pumps in Horry County are running low on regular fuel and some stations are completely dry - all from the pipeline spill in Alabama.

The Kroger gas station in Carolina Forest has become an example of what many gas station owners are experiencing across the county - no gas.

The gas attendant says they've been out of unleaded and premium since late Saturday night.

The attendant says a recently received shipment ran out in less than six hours. Now, instead of asking "how much on which pump" they now have to explain why people will have to go elsewhere.

Other gas stations like Coastal Petro near 544 have a different point of view.

The manger there says he has yet to run out, but could if things didn't change soon.

Their supplier has told them the next shipment they receive may be less than usual.

"I don't understand why the craziness because Alabama is not the only place that distributes gasoline, I think it's crazy, it's ridiculous, I think it's all about the money," Myrtle Beach resident Ilene Roberts said.

Pump managers say with this disruption, gas prices are skyrocketing  giving drivers another reason to be frustrated.

Triple AAA reported that the average price of a gallon of gas in South Carolina has gone up 13 cents since last week.

However, managers say they don't expect prices to get any higher than they are already.

According to The Associated Press, a main gas line is expected to restart Wednesday with a temporary bypass.

The company expects that will allow it to restart the main gasoline line, the AP reported. However, it could be a few days before the supply chain fully recovers.

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