City of Myrtle Beach begins talks of next ocean outfall project

City of Myrtle Beach begins talks of next ocean outfall project

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - There's no rest when it comes to improving the look of Myrtle Beach, and keeping the water clean, and the city has prioritized ocean outfall projects to make this happen.

The Fourth Avenue North outfall project in Myrtle Beach wrapped up in July, and now the city is looking at the next project.

There's a good chance that outfall will be at 24th Avenue North. Ocean outfall projects cost millions, and take years to complete.

The city's public works department commissioned a consultant to create a master plan for potential ocean outfalls back in 2009. It has followed that plan so far, completing outfall projects at 25th Avenue South, 14th Avenue North, 53 Avenue North and 4th Avenue North, in that order.

Each ocean outfall project is a significant time and money drainer, for example, the most recently finished project at 4th Ave North cost $10.3 million.

It takes years from conception of the idea to completion. Public works employees said, if chosen, an outfall at 24th Avenue North would remove 11 pipes from the beach near it.

A large 108-inch pipe would run underground far out into the ocean. The second part of the project would be connecting city drainage pipes to that large underground pipe.

City council members will ultimately take the decision to a vote, on where and when to budget for the next ocean outfall.

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