Mayo Clinic partners with local hospital

Mayo Clinic partners with local hospital

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A major partnership at a local hospital is promising residents better and more in-depth health care.

Carolinas Hospital System is the only hospital in the Florence region to now have an in-house partnership with the Mayo Clinic.

The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization comprised of numerous world-renowned health care professionals educated in virtually all fields of medicine.

The Carolinas Hospital System's partnership with the Mayo Clinic benefits patients in numerous ways, including onsite access.

In addition to new communications with the Mayo Clinic staff, hospital staff will be able have access to a large research library.

"Today is a culmination of the collaboration. It really allows are patients to stay here. It's at no cost to our patients, it's an investment Carolinas is making into the community, into the health of the community," said Carolinas Hospital CEO Darcy Craven. "(There is) no cost to the patient and they have access to the world-renown expertise of the Mayo Clinic."

If a person or one of their loved ones is suffering from cancer, hospital officials said will not only get their opinion, but also feedback from the Mayo Clinic's specialist.

"We can upload their records, we can have a conversation with Mayo without the patient every leaving the comfort of their own hometown," said Rami Zebian. "The other benefit is that it's a no additional cost to the patient. I can offer them this additional expertise and I can't wait to get this started."

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