Sessions donates time and money to Boys and Girls Club

Sessions donates time and money to Boys and Girls Club

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Ramon Sessions made a $250,000 contribution to the Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand on Wednesday.

More than the money, he has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club and will have an active involvement with the organization in the future.

Sessions, a point guard for the Hornets, grew up in the Grand Strand. He hopes his contribution will eventually lead to a new facility that's able to support more kids.

"Just from me growing up in the community, I know how much this would mean," said Sessions. "If I was a kid, growing up playing in the streets all day long - instead of playing in the streets you can now come to a place and play and also have that learning environment with people who are respected with college degrees who can help you get on the right path."

This partnership is a natural fit. Dione Buonto, the CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand, said Sessions' involvement will make a big impact on the organization.

"I think Ramon does a really good job being a mentor to these kids because he grew up in the same streets that they're growing up in," she said. "So I think for him it's about developing their character and helping them to become young adults."

Sessions fit right in and looked like one of the kids - albeit a bit taller - when he spent part of his afternoon at the club on Wednesday.

Buonto says Sessions' donation is part of an effort to raise $1.6 million to build a new facility for the Boys and Girls Club. The new club will be able to have 300 to 400 kids in its program - a substantial increase from the 242 active kids involved now.

For Sessions, this partnership just made sense - giving back to the community that raised him wasn't even a question.

"It's just big. For me it's just all about giving back. When you partner with the Boys and Girls Club, it's a brand, it's a name that everybody knows and that does well for the youth. So it was a no-brainer for me."

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