Students report atypical rowdiness during CCU football game festivities

Students report atypical rowdiness during CCU football game festivities

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Two people were arrested in connection with activities surrounding Saturday's Coastal Carolina University home football game, according to Department of Public Safety Chief David Roper.

He said officers reported several people got sick during the game, but none of them were arrested.

Also, one student said she witnessed fights at the school tailgate prior to the game.

""It was definitely rowdier than what it has been," sophomore Kourtney Mortimer said.

She said several fights broke out.

"A lot of people got punched, kicked, blood running down their faces," Mortimer said. "It was bad."

She added she heard from other students fights continued at the game itself. It was something Mortimer said she had not seen anything like it since she started going to the tailgates as a freshman at CCU.

"Just typical boys being boys I guess," she said. "A lot of tension between the frats I supposed."

When asked about any sanctions for fraternities, Travis Overton, dean of students, said the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities was investigating all information regarding any incidents that occurred at the game or during tailgating in order to determine the next steps.

Roper said officers broke up some confrontations at the tailgate.

"It was mainly a lot of verbal allegations or conversations back and forth between the groups," he said. "We didn't really see any actual fights."

He said the first game of the season brought out lots of energy, but no surprises for law enforcement.

"This game was not any different than really any of the others that we do every year," Chief Roper said.

An incident report from the department of public safety said a 26-year-old was arrested for disorderly conduct during the football game. The school confirmed the man is enrolled as a student.

The report said an officer noticed the man seemed intoxicated and was screaming profanities.

The officer asked the man to leave and the report said he didn't then refused to do so when asked again, so that's when the officer escorted him out.

The report said the man continued yelling curse words even though he was told children were around and he needed to stop.

According to a second arrest report, police also arrested 20-year-old Guiyion B. Mallory and charged him with breach of peace and disorderly conduct. When police arrived, they saw him exit his vehicle with a tire iron in his hand. Police said Mallory was very argumentative and aggressive. He was told he would be arrested if he used the tire iron in retaliation on someone. He then went to the front of the residence, and was very loud and hostile, so police arrested him and took him to J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

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