School board finalizes attendance zones for new Horry schools

School board finalizes attendance zones for new Horry schools

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Five new Horry County schools are set to open next year and that means big changes for students.

The school board agreed on its attendance plans Monday night, which determine where each student will go based on their address.

"Unless you want to move, the attendance lines are what they are." said Horry County Schools Chairman Joe Defeo.

The school board spent the summer holding public meetings for parents to come in and ask questions or voice concerns about where their child will now have to attend school in 2017.

"Some of them were rather under attended in my opinion, but I think when we were talking about doing the attendance lines and moving them out of their attendance area or what they considered their kind of comfort zone, those were attended very heavily." said Defeo.

Schools in Horry County have become over crowded in recent years due to growing populations in the Carolina Forest and Socastee areas. Defeo said attendance rates have already grown by over 800 students in 2016 alone.

"That's one school. Fortunately the students are spread out but they're not spread out all over the county," he said. "They're not moving out to the outskirts."

Defeo said while the attendance lines are final for now, at the rate the student population is growing, there could be more new schools in the near future.

"When you take that small area, and over a four- or five-year period put 4,000 or 5,000 thousand students, that equates to a new school at least," he said. "In some cases it could be two new schools. So we could easily be looking at building even more new schools in four or five years."

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