Latta town adminstrator releases statement on firing of police chief

Latta town adminstrator releases statement on firing of police chief

LATTA ,SC (WMBF) – Latta Town Administrator Jarett Taylor released a statement via Facebook Sunday morning on the firing of Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore, which took place Thursday.

Taylor said he is upset by allegations by Moore's attorney, Malissa Burnette. Burnette said the real issue underlying her firing was the town administrator wanted to divert attention from his failure to adhere to law and policy when a female employee reported that a department head under Taylor's supervision had been sexually harassing her.

"Taylor did not conduct an immediate investigation or take appropriate action as required by law and policy, but instead protected the man and the sexual harassment continued," Burnette said.

Taylor said he released the statement in order to clarify the town's actions regarding the sexual harassment claim and the manner in which it was reported.

Here is a portion of the statement:

After reading statements released by the media from Mrs. Moore's representative, I am upset at her allegations and want to clarify the town actions discussed in her letter. I am not sure where these alleged statements are generated from but town files are kept private unless there was, in fact, a deeper breach of personnel files by Mrs. Moore than previously thought and this will be further looked into.


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