See how restaurants fared on this week’s Restaurant Scorecard

See how restaurants fared on this week’s Restaurant Scorecard

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Drain flies, spiders and mold buildup a few things health inspectors found at some local eateries.

Dino's House of Pancakes at 2120 South Highway 17, in North Myrtle Beach received an overall score of 84 percent from the Department of Health and Environmental Control. The inspector observed employees were not washing their hands or changing gloves between cracking raw eggs on the grill. The inspector also noted they, "Observed wiping hands on hand towel after cracking." However, that was corrected. Pancake mix was was iced down in pan on the floor, as well as potatoes were too, iced down in pan under the flat grill, but the report stated both were corrected.

Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach scored an 88.  The inspector noted that numerous drain flies were found in the floor drain under the pre-rinse sink for the dish machine. Also, spiders and spiderwebs were observed over the ice bins in wait staff drink station. The inspector said, "Chemical spray bottles not labeled at bar."

The inspector noted the interior bottom of the dish machine they observed grime build up. They also stated, "Ramps going into oven is no longer sealed to ground."  Grime build build was observed on the floor under and around soda lines running on the floor. Also, the wall behind the beverage chiller, soda rack and under the ice bins in the wait staff area mold build up was observed.

Art Burger and Sushi, in Myrtle Beach scored a 90. There was no hand soap at the hand sink near the ice machine. The health inspector noted mildew was found along the ice machine chute, however, that was was corrected.

Backyard Sports Bar and Grill at 9703 North Kings Highway earned an overall score of 96 percent. The health inspector noted cooked wings, cooked beef, sliced tomato, and sliced leafy greens were not labeled with a discard/made date.

Emma's School of Healthy Eating at 2798 Howard Avenue, in Market Common scored 98 percent. A three compartment sink was not set during inspection, there was also a residential refrigerator with ambient temperature of 40 F. The health inspector noted a probe thermometer was observed.

Yogurt Mountain, located in Myrtle Beach Mall, earned a perfect 100 percent score.

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