Coffee Decision 2016: Cafe owner gives voters a voice in picking special campaign coffee blends

Coffee Decision 2016: Cafe owner gives voters a voice in picking special campaign coffee blends

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A North Myrtle Beach business owner is giving voters a voice this election season, by incorporating details of the presidential campaign into her coffee.

The choices: The Golden Nut Blend modeled after Donald Trump's Campaign, or the Private Server Blend for Hillary Clinton's. Both blends were created just for the 2016 election.

"Here your vote counts because you're shopping small and you're going to make a difference," pledged Beach Dreams Cafe owner Mary Bruce. Her election promises to be one for the ages. Bruce decided to make a lighthearted joke about Decision 2016. She got the idea to create special coffee blends in her shop, and to let customers pick which one is best.

Bruce herself said she doesn't have a candidate preference, it's just a fun way to incorporate the political season into her business.

As for the blends themselves, "The Golden Nut is made very rich of course," she said of Trump's flavor. "White chocolate. Infused gold chocolate nuggets in the milk. And then the gold dust sprinkled on top. It is very very nutty and served only in size small." The Republican elephant also has a nice head of hair like Mr. Trump's.

On the other side of the aisle is Clinton's Private Server Blend.  "The ingredients have been deleted," Bruce explained. "And the last time we knew what was in the beans, they were four different beans from all over the world. They're stronger beans, so it's a stronger flavor than the golden nut."

Customers can, of course, pick to drink them warm or cold. "We suggest both of the drinks here frozen because we don't find either of them hot," Bruce confided.

At the end of the day, Bruce said her election is all in jest. "You're picking out beans so even if you're going against your party, go try our beans. Have fun with it."

But the fact remains, there will be a winner. As the battle rages within the hearts of Grand Strand coffee pundits, the question is - when will the winner be announced? Election night, of course. Bruce will announce the winning blend on her website. And while the fate of the country won't lie in the beans of the winning blend, one lucky voter from the winning side will win a gift basket from her market.

To test the blends, head to Beach Dreams Market in North Myrtle Beach, then head to the website to vote:

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