Locals help Louisiana flood victims

Locals help Louisiana flood victims

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – One area security company decided to take action and offer help to Louisiana flood victims with special needs.

Heather Bryant, the vice president of Strand Security, received an email from the Electronic Security Association notifying her of 50 families who needed help after Louisiana's flooding.

That email went on to explain the families were not simply displaced by the floods.

"Not only had they lost everything, they were families with special needs," Bryant said.

From there, Dorien Morin, the social media marketer for Strand Security, took to social media to raise awareness.

"That's why this is so important. It's not families that might have resources that have a job," Morin said. "These are poor, low-income families that have lost everything. They are out of their homes, in shelters. They have basic needs like walkers, wheelchairs. These are people with medical issues. So. it takes extra money to get them back on their feet."

So far, Strand Security has gathered several dozen gift cards to Walmart and Home Depot.

Gift cards are preferred because many of these families are in need of supplies that would not be donated.

"These people have (been) put through a lot of stress already and are requesting gift cards, not cloths or items that they would have to sort through," Bryant said.

With gift cards, families will be able to get personal items they may feel uncomfortable asking for. Strand Security is hoping more people will be compelled to help, especially considering South Carolina just went through a similar situation less than a year ago.

"I think it's very important to remind everybody that we absolutely need the support for Louisiana victims too, because we know what it feels like," Morin said.

For those who want to help and don't know how, Strand Security is trying to serve as a bridge to get that local help down to Louisiana.

"I see a lot of people that are saying they are praying for Louisiana, or that they feel so bad. But this is a way they can take action. It's a simple way. We will do the rest. If you get it to us, we'll either come pick it up or you can bring it to us and we will get it to the right hands," Morin said. "It will make a huge difference to someone who is having a very bad year."

For more information, and to see the email that prompted this action, head to Strand Security's Louisiana Flood Relief page.

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