Horry County seeking poll workers for a busy election day

Horry County seeking poll workers for a busy election day

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - We're less than two months from the presidential election, and locally, a necessary piece of the voting puzzle is coming up short.  Horry County's voting office is having a hard time filling precincts with poll workers.

As more people keep moving to Horry County, more people are voting, and the elections office needs more poll workers to keep things running smoothly. The county's poll worker training coordinator says this election is expected to have one of the largest turnouts ever, with 122 voting precincts in Horry County and a minimum of three workers per precinct, they need almost 800 workers for election day.

The voting office says they don't know how short they are yet, but they do know they're not close to getting the almost 800 poll workers they need for presidential election day.

Horry County's spokeswoman says without the volunteers, it's almost impossible to have elections.

"Of course when you have, again, a general election, especially a presidential election, there's going to be a lot more people coming out," Lisa Bourcier said. "So you do need more volunteers to field the people, get them in quickly so that they can vote and get back out so they can, you know, enjoy the rest of their day."

To apply as a poll worker, you will need a driver's license, social security card, and be a registered voter in Horry County. Then, you will need to take a short training course in person or online, and show up for work on election day, Tuesday, November 8. Poll workers can earn $120 or more.

You can apply on Horry County's website or at the voter registration office.  The county needs a minimum of three poll workers per precinct, and some of the 122 county precincts are so busy, up to 15 workers are needed.

If there's not enough, you could be waiting in line for a while to vote.

The election office says it's all hands on deck this year with more voting machines and greeters to make sure everyone's ready to go when they check in.

Bourcier said to speed up the process, you can check out candidates online early.

"Technology has come a long way over the years," Bourcier said. "And actually you can view a sample of your actual ballot.  So it's great if you can actually go to SCVotes.org, you can put in your personal information and your sample ballot will come up.  So you'll know exactly, in advance, what you're voting on, what your referendum possibly will be - so that way you can actually expedite the process a lot faster, too."

You can also look up your voting precinct at SCVotes.org

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