ITT Tech Closes its Doors, HGTC and Miller Motte reaches out

ITT Tech Closes its Doors, HGTC and Miller Motte reaches out

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Thousands of students nationwide are now seeking a new school. This happened after ITT Tech closed its doors following the federal government banning the college from receiving federal aid for not being in compliance with accreditation standards.

It's unclear what will happen for the students enrolled in the school but Horry Georgetown Technical College says they're welcoming the potential influx of students.

The shutdown affects 40,000 students at more than 130 campuses and in 38 states.

Students can either apply to have their federal student loans discharged, giving them the option of starting their education somewhere new, or they can continue working toward their certification or degree by transferring to a different school.

Horry County Technical College says they do not want to leave any student behind at continuing their education or even have to pay more out of pocket when they're known to be a more reasonable college.

Administrators say they will help students try to transfer credits and if certain classes are filled, they will open up new sections.

They have a Flex Start program that offers about 200 courses for students who need a late start and still want to be on track.

"We would like for those students who have had an interruption in their pursuit of higher education to know that we're there to serve them, the doors are open, and we have staff and faculty to open the road for them to continue to get their career and education," HGTC Senior Vice President Marilyn Murphy Fore said.

Miller Motte Technical College also says they are willing to work with students.

The deadline to be enroll AT HGTC is September 19th.

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