Myrtle Beach kicks of '60 More Days of Summer' ad campaign

Myrtle Beach kicks of '60 More Days of Summer' ad campaign

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Labor Day is considered the end of the summer for most, but city leaders are showing it doesn't have to be. The Grand Strand experiences warm weather well into the fall season and the city plans to continue to encourage visitors to keep coming.  To do so, the '60 More Days of Summer' advertising campaign kicked off the day after Labor Day.

The national ad campaign works to bring people from all over the country to the Grand Strand with a goal to give businesses extra season-end profit, and generate more money all around.

If you live close to the beach, you know the time is now to enjoy less crowds, cheaper hotel rates and beautiful weather.  "60 More Days of Summer" tells that to the people all over the country who don't know it.

Gay Dolphin owner Buzz Plyler says he's noticed a difference since the ad campaign began three years ago.  He said more families with young kids are in the Myrtle Beach area after Labor Day instead of mainly "empty-nesters."

"We've had wonderful advertising from the city that helps support what is our only industry, and we're getting good traffic from it," Plyler said.

A new twist to the ad campaign is the enhanced social media focus.  The Pinterest page already has 'things to do' posts for the Grand Stand and Myrtle Beach areas.  Log onto and you'll see an entire '60 More Days of Summer' theme for locals and tourists set up for you.  It advertises local restaurants, activities and deals from military packages to family fall discounts.  The campaign also has an Instagram.

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