Creative, positive young lady is in this week’s Student Spotlight

Creative, positive young lady is in this week’s Student Spotlight

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - Most students either achieve in the arts or the sciences, but rarely does one meet a student who is exceptional in both.

However, Avery Rose Higgins, an 11th grader at the Georgetown School for Arts and Sciences, is doing so and her teachers say she brings positive, creative energy to everything she does.

There are many layers to Higgins; she sings, acts and even this summer she taught herself how to play an instrument.

She is not sure what inspires her creativity.

"It's just the way, I guess, colors move. It's fun thinking outside the box and doing what you can with any space you have," said Higgins.

Higgins has always loved to draw, and her visual artwork has won numerous awards, including the Georgetown Cultural Council Young Artist, the Department of Natural Resources Fish Art Contest and the Burroughs and Chapin High School Art Show.

Once a shy personality, she now finds confidence in playing sports.

Higgins is a member of the GSAS's volleyball and basketball teams. She also takes center stage in drama, including a part in a play that won the South Carolina Independent School Association's state drama contest.

Her monologue for the Daughters of the American Revolution, performing as Dicey Langston, also earned her state recognition.

"She was alive during the American Revolution and I have met one of her descendants, who actually helped coached me," Higgins said.

Perhaps what sets Higgins apart is how she applies creativity to science.

"When I took chemistry last year, it kind of hit that I really liked how everything worked, because chemistry is kind of like the basis of what makes up everything," she said.

Her science fair project on water conservation has won numerous award.

"It was more of a theoretical project because I didn't have the resources to build an entire pump," Higgins said.

However, it grabbed the attention of the Lowcountry Regional Science Fair, the Water Drop Foundation and even NASA.

"My project on water conservation this past year was a continuation on the year before, where I talked about how you can make a simple pump when it rains. We have so many ditches that fill up, and now with the Zika virus on the rise, I also focused on the more ditches there are, the more habitat there is for mosquitoes to breed," Higgins said.

One teacher said Higgins is a student who is always willing to help out, and she is glue that holds the team together.

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