Navigating traffic during race weekend

Navigating traffic during race weekend

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - With tens of thousands of people making their way to Darlington Raceway this weekend, you can bet traffic will be an issue.

South Carolina Highway Patrol said it is bringing in extra troopers to help with congestion.

You have to remember that people are coming this way from all over.

As soon as you get off I-95 in Florence County and drive through the Highway 52 area, you'll start seeing troopers.

You are asked to obey all speed limits and follow any and all instructions troopers may give.

Harry Byrd Highway, the road the raceway sits on, is going to be extremely crowded as people try to park and get to where they need to be.

Those officers also suggesting that you plan ahead.

That pre-planning can include getting to the track a day or two early to scope out all routes to the track.

It's also recommended you go ahead and start looking for areas to park and pre-arrange parking if you can.

Troopers will also be on hand to help you park, directing you both into and out of the raceway.

"They will be ready to go first thing Sunday morning. In fact they will be here all weekend, but Sunday being the biggest day to get everyone in. The biggest keys moving through Sunday are that as you approach the track, you'll start seeing these troopers at intersections - just do as they ask you to do. They are going to be moving multiple ways," said Cpl. Sonny Collins with South Carolina Highway Patrol.

In addition to managing traffic, troopers said they will be looking for drunk drivers.

Troopers said you should not think that you are just going to cruise on up here and jump out of your car five minutes before the race starts.

"We are going to work you in, get you in plenty of time before the race. After the race we're going to help you move out of the raceway area we will be out there again moving you back away, getting you back to those major roads which can lead you back to your home," Collins said.

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