Family of murdered teen not notified about accused killer's bond reduction hearing

Family of murdered teen not notified about accused killer's bond reduction hearing
Rodrez Stanley (Source: JRLDC)
Rodrez Stanley (Source: JRLDC)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Bond has been reduced for the man accused of shooting and killing a 14-year-old boy in Longs in 2015.

Now the boy's family is upset not only because the man could pay a lesser bond to get out of jail, but also that they were not told the decision was being made on Tuesday.

"To me, that is just simply unacceptable," Kissie Melvin said.

She said she is beyond frustrated about the recent changes in the case of her son's death.

"It's about, you understand, how I feel that, No. 1, I was not notified," Melvin said. "It seems like the defendant has more rights than we do. He seems like he's winning in this situation, and we aren't getting any justice."

Melvin said that she was never told a hearing concerning a bond reduction for Rodrez Stanley was happening.

Normally, a victim's family would be told if a court appearance was scheduled, but the Horry County Solicitor's Office said an oversight lead to their failure to tell Melvin what was happening in the case against her son's accused killer.

"It was such a devastating feeling not only that I wasn't there, but that the way that it made it look to others," she said. "That there was a reduction bond hearing and the parents especially, nobody showed up. That just made me cringe. It made me angry. All I could do is cry and express my frustration and still yet none of that is going to bring my son back. But I want the right thing to be done."

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said that is on him and his office that a mistake was made.

"They should always be notified, even if there is a possibility of anything happening in court," Richardson said. "It's no excuse, but if you've got 8,500 cases, sometimes the victim advocate don't call them, and that will be addressed."

Richardson said Stanley's bond was reduced from $75,000 to $50,000, adding even that was unusual.

"There shouldn't have been one without some sort of change in circumstance," Richardson said. "But there again, a change in circumstance could be argued that a year has passed, generally not enough."

But Melvin said the worst part of all of this is that the man police have charged with her son's murder could possibly get out of jail.

"There's a possibility that he could pay a cheaper amount just so he can get out and walk the streets. But guess what, my son is in Chesterfield Cemetery. He's never going to get up from there. He's never going to walk, and to me that is just so unfair."

Richardson said since all this happened he has made changes and enacted safeguards so it will not be an issue again.

He said in a statement that mistakes happen and things will never be 100 percent, but that is the goal.

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