Neighbors frustrated with golf cart thefts in Surfside Beach

Neighbors frustrated with golf cart thefts in Surfside Beach

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Police continue to search for two men after surveillance video shows them stealing a golf cart from a Surfside Beach residence.

Neighbors on South Oak Drive watched their surveillance video just too see 20 minutes of a crime unfold. At times, the two men look straight into the camera but did not stop, and neighbors think they may know why.

"My neighbor who monitors it discovered the camera on that side of the building, the wire had been cut. So he repaired it. So we're sitting here wondering whether they had come here, looked things over, cut the wire thinking they were going to knock the cameras out so they could come here and do that. Unfortunately for them, we check the cameras," Guy Novembre said.

Novembre lives in the complex the cart was stolen from. Another neighbor noticed it was missing when she went to take her dogs for a walk.

Surveillance footage shows the theft happened Friday, Aug. 26, at 2 p.m. It's footage that has proven to be crucial during the investigation.

"Fortunately there was multiple angles of the surveillance camera that were very effective in capturing the vehicle that was used, the trailer that was used and good video surveillance of both subjects," said Lt. Kenneth Hofmann with the Surfside Beach Police Department.

Novembre said one of the suspects appeared to be the lookout, while the other cut the lock on the cart.

"And you can clearly see it on the video," he said.

After numerous incidents similar to this one of stolen golf cart batteries and a neighboring home burglary captured on video, these neighbors find themselves frustrated after having gone through locks, chains and cameras.

"But it hasn't been a deterrent, so we're kind of at our wits end now," Novembre said.

The one thing neighbors are thankful for is that the cameras have been catching the crimes, and not any of them.

"Because nobody wants to walk down here when someone is committing a crime," Novembre said. "We're afraid we'll walk into something bad and somebody will get hurt."

Though this most recent incident may not have looked like much to witnesses other than simply a truck pulling in and out, neighbors are calling on each other to be vigilant. 

"My suggestion to anybody in my neighborhood, if there is somebody under your house, don't confront them," Novembre said. "Call the police, even if it turns out to be someone's friend. It's better to call the police and let them take care of it. That's their job."

Police said the men are facing malicious damage to property, grand larceny and burglary charges. Anyone with information should contact the SBPD.

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