City pushes community bicycle-friendly survey

City pushes community bicycle-friendly survey

. - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach residents have an opportunity to voice their opinions about how to improve quality of life in their community.

The city wants to hear from everyone, and responses from the community will help mold the changes the city makes in the future.

Get involved from the comfort of your couch- it's not a public meeting, it's a simple survey.

It's part of an effort to have Myrtle Beach designated a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Cyclists. The city applied, and part of the process is feedback in the form of this survey from the community. City leaders said they don't expect the designation to be given this year.

But if denied, the league will send an in-depth report with feedback laying out what changes need to be made in the city to become safe enough to be considered bicycle friendly, and what people in the community want.

The questions are simple. For example, how often do you bike? Why do you do it? Have you had training?

"It's important because they are part of the community," Kristina Variano, who bikes leisurely, said. "And again, maybe their kids and they want to go on the road with their kids. It's definitely important to take the survey. And I hope everyone dies so we get an idea of all of Myrtle Beach and how they feel, and what they want. It'll only help the community in so many ways."

The survey will be available until September 15.

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