Vulgar sign aimed at Horry County clerk won't be taken down

Vulgar sign aimed at Horry County clerk won't be taken down

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Anyone who has driven down U.S. 701 near Homewood Elementary School may have seen a vulgar message written on the side of a truck.

That message, which is directed at an Horry County elected official, now has some parents and locals upset.

Joe Defeo, with Horry County Schools, said the truck is not on school property and therefore the school board has no authority over the matter.

"We've got school buses that go by, and it is near a school. It'd be preferable if it was not there. We can't reroute our school buses and spend the extra money to do that. So we just have to continue on with what we're doing." said Defeo.

The message contains several hateful phrases directed at Horry County Clerk of Court Melanie Huggins.

That truck is parked on a private lot reportedly owned by a bail bondsman. Several locals in the area declined to speak to WMBF News for an interview. However, many did say they knew those responsible for the message and the feud between the parties has been going on for many years.

"There are some people here who just don't care, and they make the rest of us look bad," said a local resident, who wished to remain anonymous. "But I certainly think there's got to be something that the town could do to have them move it back to the woods where people can drive by and not see it. It's not right. If they've got a problem, talk to them personally. Go face-to-face and get it over with and if they're not satisfied, then walk away. There's no need to tear apart people and humiliate them and make them feel like a piece of dirt."

Horry County officials said their hands are unfortunately tied.

Under federal law, the message falls under freedom of speech, and while the words may be vulgar, they are not considered obscene or pornographic.

A spokesperson with the county also says Melanie Huggins plans to retire at the end of the term.

WMBF called the number listed at the property for comment. The person would not explain why the truck was there, but said simply, "Ask Melanie Huggins."

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