School board member concerned about North Myrtle Beach High School renovations

School board member concerned about North Myrtle Beach High School renovations

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - North Myrtle Beach High School is getting a long-anticipated makeover, but one school board member said she is worried the renovation is not going to include all that students and staff members were promised.

"My heart hurts for those teachers that are going to be in those wings and have all this major renovation in their school and were told they were going to get new paint and new carpet and don't even get that," Horry County Schools Board of Education District 1 Rep. Holly Heniford said.

The budget for the $21 million renovation was approved in 2015, but Heniford said she recently found out changes have been made to items within it without school board approval.

"I have a document that I voted on and it's been changed and I have received absolutely no notification of it," she said. "I have to ask for that notification before I can get it."

Heniford said among the line items that were removed from the budget were the new library, more student parking and new paint and flooring for the entire building, rather than just portions of it.

"I desperately want a new library," she said. "I don't know why that was taken out. They don't give me any reasoning for it, but we're going to see if we can't get it put back in."

Heniford wants to look at taking out other items that might not be as necessary to make sure the school gets exactly what it needs with this historic renovation.

"We need to count every dollar that we're spending," she said.

Mark Wolfe, executive director of facilities for Horry County Schools, said the architect and contractor were each hired independently to work as a team to make decisions, including keeping the project within the approved budget. He said the goal is to work with the school and make sure everyone is happy.

Steve Usry, president of UWPD Architecture, said that is what they have been doing. He added they have honored the protocol for the project and communicated with the school district about the renovations.

Usry said everything the district wants has been designed, but it is a matter of priority when it comes to funding. He said the final determinations will be up to the school district.

Superintendent Dr. Rick Maxey said at Monday's facilities committee meeting he would set up a meeting with the architect, contractor and district staff this week. Heniford requested to be there. As of Wednesday, she said she had not heard of that meeting being scheduled.

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