'Love Over All' theme takes over CCU

'Love Over All' theme takes over CCU

. - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Students at Coastal Carolina University are settling into the new year, and for some, the new college lifestyle. One group of students and faculty is trying to push a theme heading into the new semester.

Wednesday was club recruitment day on campus, for students to decide whether they want to get involved with groups and activities, and which ones. As students were introduced to new possibilities, they were also introduced to Love Over All.

"It's a really good time to set the tone for the semester," explained Senior Eddie Harris. "We wanted to get it out as soon as possible."

Harris inspired the theme "Love Over All," the theme the day of recruitment was based on. Harris said after what he saw in the United States over the summer, the violence was out of control. Violence and attacks in Orlando, Dallas, and debated police shootings got him thinking. If people embraced the idea of love over all, life would be peaceful.

"Really thought we needed a counter-response to it," said Harris of the violence. "Because there was back-to-back tragedies."

The tragedy always seems to lead to more debating, and more hate, Harris said. "Arguments, and back and forth, on what was happening. They just argue more, and fight more, and then more violence. And I really hated seeing that. So for this, I want to see more love."

Harris came back to school with a thought.

"Love over all is a double-entendre, so it's love over all - that is the message I'm trying to give, but it's also over all these messages, such as crime, rape, bullying, hate, violence, judgement, fake, loss, cruelty, war, racism, prejudice. There's so many things that fall under hate, but love kind of encompasses everything against it."

He hopes his message is a push to change the conversation that leads to violence.

"People are afraid to acknowledge that there's something different," Harris added. "And different isn't a bad thing. Different is a great thing."

Students across campus wore the shirts given out, describing what makes them different on the back.

"I am black, I am a male I am a southerner, I am pro-choice, I am Black Lives Matter, I am happy," Harris said. "I am many things, but at the end of the day, I am Eddie."

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