City to discuss master plan for Linear Park near Market Common

City to discuss master plan for Linear Park near Market Common

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Typically master plans are created for building developments, but a lot of money is being put into the design of a master plan for Market Common parks with trails, because they've become so popular.

People use paths throughout the Market Common for running, walking, cycling and other activities. They're in constant use, and the City of Myrtle Beach is working to expand walkability and green space in part of the area that will be known as Linear Park. Well over half a million dollars is going into it.

At Tuesday's city council meeting, leaders are expected to approve a new $275,000 grant from the Air Base Redevelopment Authority. There is already a $300,000 grant that will pay for a bike trail around the lake in the area, and connect and finish the one of the other side of Air Park Drive.

The space around the lakes will be known as Linear Park.

There is also a $100,000 grant the city is waiting to hear about, which would fund the refurbishment of an old Air Force building, create an outdoor classroom, and possibly a parking lot.

Now, the money the Air Base Redevelopment Authority is putting out will be used for creating a master plan and the finishing touches. The city will hire a contractor to design the ideal master plan, and then the rest of the money will be used to put it to life.

For the Air Base Redevelopment Authority, the grant is a no-brainer: this is what the city asked for when the base was converted.

"The intent of the Master Plan is to be able to cut the pathway around- all the way around the lakes, all the way up to Emory Road," said Buddy Styers with the Base Redevelopment Authority. "But there'll be benches, and swings, and just a place where people can feel comfortable, maybe even at night.... taking a walk."

Because much of the money is coming from grants, the city is currently in talks with SCDOT to come up with a path design. There's no timeline yet on when the work to install the paths will begin.

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