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Consider This: Investigative reporting is a vital responsibility for WMBF News

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WMBF News recently tested the area’s tap water…after the story broke about the dangerous water in Flint, Michigan. 

A journalist broke the story of high levels of lead in Flint’s water after residents complained of bad taste and water that burned their eyes.  A pediatrician noticed high levels in lead in her patients after the city water supply was switched to save money.

But despite all of that…the government maintained the water was safe.

We now know it wasn’t.

That news… spurred an interest across the country to test tap water in local communities.  We did and found that Grand Strand Water and Sewer passed all tests with flying colors…Exceeding federal standards.

Consider This:  It is our responsibility as a local news organization to hold the powerful accountable and expose wrongdoing in our community.  We investigated a concern and discovered a very positive result.

One we were very happy to share with you.

If you would like to see how the water is monitored, watch our story on and you see all of the water testing results on Grand Strand Water and Sewer’s website.

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