Students excited to launch careers in Carter Center

Students excited to launch careers in Carter Center

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - For the first time, classes are about to kick off in a new multi-million-dollar facility at Francis Marion University.

Getting that building to the area is all about getting more doctors into our area.

On Wednesday, orientation went off without a hitch at the Carter Center. It's a health and sciences education facility, newly built in downtown Florence.

Of the 1,500 students who applied to study as Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, only 36 got in.

A school spokesperson said that any time a university launches new programs like what are being taught in the Carter Center, there is cap on how many students can attend the first three years. After those three years, more students will be able to attend.

School leaders said weeding through 1,500 applicants was no easy task. To decide which students made it, they looked at the students' medical experience and previous education.

Out of those 32 students, four are from out-of-state and seven are from Florence.

"I interviewed at a couple of schools in state and out of state, but when I interviewed at Francis Marion, it was almost like an overwhelming since of community and family," said Bethany D'Alessandro, from Atlanta, Georgia. "You could immediately feel their passion and excitement for this brand new PA program. When I got the call saying I was accepted, it was just something I couldn't pass up. Being part of the first class was a great opportunity."

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