Carolina Forest Elementary School leaders have traffic concerns

Carolina Forest Elementary School leaders have traffic concerns

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - School leaders hope a very busy intersection gets some much-needed attention to make it safer.

Carolina Forest Elementary School sits at one of the busiest intersections on Carolina Forest Boulevard, and it can get dangerous before and after school.

A crossing guard was hit, and three years ago a bus got into an accident on the same road. That's why the principal of this school says something has to change.

Driving past Carolina Forest Elementary school, you'll see all kinds of signs, and they're there to remind you you're in a school zone. However, administrators said the signs they provide are not enough, because if you don't see them, you might not see a child.

Carolina Forest Principal Dennis Devorick suggested, "Maybe putting up a digital school zone sign like in other areas in other schools to remind people this is a school zone."

He said they've explored different options with the city and safety services, and while nothing has been done, he's hoping they'll realize there is a need before a potential emergency.

Parents like Buddy Richardson think it's a great idea too. He said nowadays, too many people are taking chances.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time I'm on the speed limit here, but people pass me all the time, so yes, a little bit of control at the traffic light because they come out too quick," Buddy Richardson said.

Right now, crossing guards direct traffic at the busy intersection. It helps, but the principal said it's not enough, which is another reason why he would also like to add more law enforcement.

"Think if a police [officer] is present more often, it reminds people to slow down and follow the rules and citations are written and people get the message that the do have to slow down in the school zones," Devorick said. This is something Richardson thinks is necessary- to have police visible so traffic can be controlled before and during school hours.

"I would think if they know that the presence of the police were going to be on this road that they would slow down and do what they are supposed to do, but who knows," Richardson said.

Although the principal wants digital signs and extra police presence, he said he needs parents to take responsibility. He want to remind parents to not drive or take shortcuts through neighborhoods because it only ties up entrances and makes traffic worse. He encourages people to use lots three or one.

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