Threats against Florence police found not credible

Threats against Florence police found not credible

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – The Florence Police Department has determined that a man who allegedly made threat towards the department is not a credible threat at this time.

The department determined that Ryan Lee Bunch, the man who allegedly made the threats against the department, is not a credible threat. He is in a Virginia jail on unrelated charges, according to Florence Police.

The threat made towards FPD officers Wednesday morning is something investigators shared to help keep the community safe. Despite the personal threat, every single officer showed up for duty.

"They polished their badge, they polished their shoes, and they pressed their uniform and went to work proudly to do what they did yesterday," said Terry Gainey, the president of the Pee Dee Fraternal Order of Police

He added it is all to protect and serve the community. Gainey said his organization's job is to be the voice of law enforcement at the state and national level. They are committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement and the safety of officers with the help of lobbyists and community involvement.

Gainey explained any threat toward law enforcement must be taken at face value until it is proven.

"When a threat comes in, you want to verify whether it is bogus or whether it is legitimate and there's a process that you go through," he said.

In Gainey's 30 years in law enforcement, he said it is not the first time threats are made.

"It's not anything new or even out of the ordinary," he said, "If people knew just exactly how many of these type of threats law enforcement dealt with on a weekly and daily basis, they would wonder why we don't throw in the towel."

No matter what the circumstance may be, the Fraternal Order of Police believed the Pee Dee should be proud and thankful for their officers that risk their lives every day.

"The officers in our area will do everything in their power to keep everybody safe. They'll go in harms way so that you don't have to," said Gainey.

Any officer in the Pee Dee who wants to learn more about the organization can find additional information here. 

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